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   ULRIMI Price

 Price $59 USD
 Remark One license apply only one computer
 Pay << Pay by Card >>
<< Pay by Bank transfer >>

Bank name: WOORI Bank
Bank address: 203,Heohyun-dong,1-ga,Chung-ku,Seoul 100-051,Korea
Account number: 586-297330-02-001
Account name: Min Chang-won

   Contact for inquiry

  E-mail 2000won@korea.com

   Process of Registration

 01. Complete payment as explanation above.
 02. Send E-Mail to 2000won@korea.com
[E-mail must include this contents.]
1) Computer id NO. (Click side button->>

2) (If Bank transfer) scan image of transfer receipt

3) E-mail address
(For sending registation number)

4) Telephone number

5) Use place name (company name)

6) Place address

If Error of 'Dll not found' occur, install ULRIMI evaluation version in download menu.

  03. eTrueSoft will send registration number with 30 bell sounds within 24 hours.